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All for the defense of the Amazon environment peace
PIERO - Singer
Patricia Ariza - Playwright
Elena Ospina - Illustrator
Brigitte Baptiste - Biology
Nani - Cartoonist
Jorge Velosa - Folklorist
Aldo Cristopher - Singer
V. Hugo Morant - Actor
REGULATION Call for participatory purposes.
1- Participation is open to each and every cartoonist and cartoonist in the world.
3- Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 works.
4- The cartoonists, a page.
5- Free technique
6- The works must be submitted in format: A4, JPG, 21x29.7, 300 dpi.
7- They can participate with works that have been awarded, or published.
8- Each work must be accompanied by the following information: names and surnames of the author, email and country of origin.
9- By submitting the work it means that you accept the participation and authorize the event committee, for the publication of your work in print and electronic media,
10- The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to exhibit works that violate individual or collective rights.
11- The event has a deep sense of solidarity for the defense of the Amazon and is carried out without profit.
12- All participants will receive a participation diploma.
13- The jury will select 100 works for the respective exhibitions, three (3) of these chosen by the jury, will receive the PERGAMINO DE LA EXCELLENCE.
14- Deadline for delivery: May 5, 2020
15- Works must be sent to the following email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

World Cartoon Festival COLOMBIA 2020
Micos Island - Amazon Rainforest
For the defense of the Amazon Environment and peace
BOGOTÁ D.C. June 19 to 21 - 2020
LETICIA (Amazon). July 15-19 - 2020
Convene: Women cartoonists

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