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The 10th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale Of China“Life & Future”2022
Invitation for Work Submission to the 10th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale of China 2022
As a professional cartoon exhibition held by China Artists Association, Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale of China has gained a reputation
both at home and abroad. This exhibition has played an important role in promoting cartoon and fine art, enhancing international cultural exchange
and cooperation and improving city image as well. With the joint effort of both China Artists Association and the Municipal Government of Jiaxing, the 10th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale of China, with the theme of“Life&Future”, will be held in Jiaxing later this year. Now, artists from all over the world are expected to submit their masterpieces.
IOrganizational Structure
1.Hosts: China Artists Association, the Municipal Government of Jiaxing
2.Organizers:Fine Arts Center of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Cartoon Committee of China Artists Association,
Zhejiang Artists Association, Jiaxing Municipal Administration of Culture, Broadcasting & Tourism, Jiaxing Federation of Literary and Art Circles
3.Co-organizers: Jiaxing Art Museum, Jiaxing Artists Association, Zhejiang Cartoonists Association
4.Coordinators:Zhejiang Cartoonists Association IIExhibition Organizing Committee
Honorary director: Fan Di’an
Directors:Ma Fenghui, Li Jun
Associate directors: Tao Qin, Chen Liqing, Fan Qingyu, Qi Li
Secretaries-general: Li Wei,Wang Minjie, Wang Lijun, Guo Baodong, Huang Guoqiang
Committee Members(sorted by surname strokes in Chinese):Sun Haifeng, Yang Linlin, Zhang Xue, Zhou Jing, He Xuanxuan, Xu Afeng, Ling Jiachun, Tao Xiaoming, Zhang Yun, Han Yue, Fu Qihong,Jian Bin
Exhibition Office Directors: Wang Lijun, Xu Afeng
Exhibition Office Associate Directors:He Xuanxuan, Han Yue
Exhibition Editors: Yang Lei,Ling Jiachun IIIThe Selection Committee, Supervision Committee
The Selection Committee consists of art experts chosen by China Artists Association, and the Supervision Committee will supervise the selection process.
IV Exhibition Time: October, 2022
V Exhibition Venue: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, PRC
VI Works on Show:180 works will be selectedand exhibited.
VII Work Information
1.Categories: Works can either be theme-based or free style.
Themed-based works: the topic of the works should be in accordance with the theme“Life&Future”. Life is beautiful, and to treasure life is to treasurethe present day. A life worth living, loving and longing for, is one that may blossom into splendour.
Free-style works: The topic of the works can be the artist’s own choice.
2.Forms: Workscan either be single-panel or multi-panel.
3.Sizes:Works should be larger than 2480×3500 in pixels(A4300di).
Participants can submit electronic works either in jpg or JPEG formats; either vertical or horizontal works areaccepted.
4. The works submitted must be original. Ghost-writing andplagiarism are not allowed. Any legal disputes or liabilities arising therefrom shall be at the artist’s own risk. China Artists Association has launched the online duplicate documents identification system. Any duplicate work submission will be disqualified.
VIII Selection
1.Every participant can submit a maximum of 5 pieces of works via email.
The subject of the email should be “Work Submission to 10th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale of China”. The pictures attached in the email should be renamed to include “artist’s name”and “work name”.
“Work Registration Form” should also be completed and attached to the email. Selection results will be published on the website of China Artists
The deadline of submission isJuly 25th, 2022 (according to the sending time of emails).
Please contact 86-573-82051101 if necessary.
Email addresses: domestic artists should send artworks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; oversea artists should send artworks to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
2.Artists, whose works are shortlisted, will be notified by the office; others, whose works are not shortlisted, will not.
The shortlist will be posted on the official website of the China ArtistsAssociation.
IX: Others
1. A certificate, along with an album, will be sent to each artist whose works are selected and exhibited.
2. Artworks on show will be compiled and published by theorganizers in the form of album or catalogue.
X: The organizer shall reserve the rights of exhibiting, researching, photographing, videoing, publishing and promoting all works selected by the Biennale.
XI:Artists who submits works to the Biennale shall be deemed asacceptance to all the regulations included in this notice as well as Rules
for the Implementation of the Convention on Professional Ethics of Chinese Artists. For detailed information, please consult the official website of China Artists Association
The “Work Registration Form” can be downloaded from
China Artists Association
May, 2022


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